What are you doing to beat the heat?  I am staying inside in my air conditioned house.  It's so sad though, cause I look outside and it looks so nice--the sun is shining, the leaves are gentley swaying in the breeze.  Well, that's just when I can see out the condensation covered windows. 

Hey, why are the windows covered in condensation?  This fits in beautifully with our water unit.  The humidity and the hot outside combined with the cold inside is doing something to my windows.  Blog me a comment telling me what you think is happening.  Can you think of any other places you have seen this phenomenon?  Let me know.

So, did you notice the new Krypto and the list of fun things kids from our class have been doing?  I posted it on the extra credit tab.  Write me about your fun thing and I will post it there.

Have you read any good books lately?  When it is this hot you should stay inside and read, right?  Or, read, write--ha ha ha.  Anyway, I just read Dancing Shoes which I didn't like quite as much as Ballet Shoes.  I have Theater Shoes at home too.  The library didn't have Skating Shoes though I do want to read that one, being from WBL and having all those hockey kids.  Blog a book title and I will read it.  Hey, don't forget about my son's book The Historia, The Search for Wisdom.  You can buy it on Amazon (abpit 10 bucks) or download it for your nook or kindle or ipad for only 99 cents.  It really is a great story.  Finally, I am finishing the editing on my book right now and will have it ready for you in the fall.  I can't wait!  Then I need to start the next book, right?

Hope you are staying cool.  Run through the sprinklers, put the sprinkler under your tramp, jump in the pool, go to a movie, I don't know, what else is there?  Blog me!