Keep in mind that anytime you like you may take the online science learning home and work through a virtual lab or two on your own.  I am going to count out the days pretty soon and figure out where we need to be and how much you have to get through every day so that you will get done before we science MCA test. 

Show mom and dad how you do the decimal number divided by a whole number problems.  Make a few problems for them to solve.  Maybe like there are 5 people in our family.  We go to Disney World and it costs 173.45 to get in.  How much did it cost for each person?  If you solve that one correctly and bring it to me on paper tomorrow AND blog a comment that says and you must quote, "I got the division problem and I know I'm right!" you may have 4 tickets.

Enjoy the sunshine from a track meet if you must.                 Mrs. Kovacs