After our week of creating, take care of, and loving turkeys, it is going to be hard to stomach eating one for Thanksgiving.  Maybe we'll have ham!

You may have an immediate trip to the prize bucket if you blog 5 times of more over the holiday weekend. 

The BHTQ has to do with your family's Thanksgiving or New Year meal.  Blog a comment about how it was, what your favorite food was and who cooked most of the food and you can have 4 tickets.  Your comment has to be at least 20 words long!

Wasn't it fun turning our room into a turkey coop, sharing our turkeys with our cute little first grade buddies, and our mentors too.  Good times, good times.

Have fun in the snow.  Stay safe, eat lots, get some exercise to balance it out and we'll see you rip roarin ready to go on Monday.       Mrs. Kovacs