We finally got our tree (it's not up yet)  but we still have much to do to be ready for Christmas.  Yesterday (Saturday) was supposed to be my big day to get things done.  And then it happened.

The phone rang, nothing unusual there.  I answered it, nothing unusual there.  Then the woman on the other end said, "Hi.  I'm with the hosting program that Vlad came here on and...well...there is a set of brothers in Coon Rapids who are having a hard time.  The family that is hosting them wants them out of their house today.  Can you take them for the weekend and Monday?  The older brother is 14 and is named Vlad, just like your guy, and the younger one is 7 and is named Dima.  The younger one has a few issues and needs medication.  He doesn't get along with the kids the family already has.  Can you take these boys?"

What could I say.  What do you think I said? 

Write a blog comment stating whether or not you think we took the boys, and then why or why not.  If you write such a comment you will earn yourself some tickets.  1 ticket for every sentence your comment is in length. 

See you tomorrow.  We will get cozy and read while some kids finish the math test.  We will work on our gifts/surprises for our family and we will do a story summary for A Very Important Day, work on bin books and wrap up chapter 3 of the social studies curriculum.  So much to do, so little time.     

3 days and were off!!                                                               Mrs. Kovacs