I miss you guys.
I am fine.  Taking the dog for long walks.  No one is outside.  You can go outside people!  Just don't interact with people who don't live in your house with you.

So....what are you doing?  I would LOVE you to engineer some cool trash to treasure things like toilet paper roll mini golf hole made of cardboard boxes and ...toilet paper rolls.  That seems fitting given the fact that one of the results of this epidemic is a run on toilet paper.  Send me pictures of your creations.  Better yet, send me pictures of you putting in your living room or basement on your newly created toilet paper roll golf hole.  Good times.  I might just make one myself!

Thanks to Anna for researching the vJCD epidemic.  Look through the blog comments to find her results.  

I added a math project to the math homework column on the homework tab.  IF you need books, I have lots in the room and I will be there tomorrow.  You are allowed to come in to pick things up.  Feel free to grab a book from my room.

Update:  Teachers did NOT go to school yesterday and today.  So far the plan is that we DO go in tomorrow.  It changes by the minute so....just keep checking here for information.  I will try to write a new post daily with ideas for fun things to do.  Right now you can be working on the spring break challenge, the Spring into Action math pack, the toilet paper roll golf hole, and the new surface area challenge I just put on the math column.

Stay safe.  I hope I get to see you soon.  This is such a strange, uncharted territory for us all.  IF you have ideas for fun things you can do at home, add them to the blog.

Mrs. Kovacs