We have a busy week:

--4 kids still need to get their field trip permission slips in for the Creativity Festival AND/OR the Physics Force Show.
--Puppet shows Tuesday at 2:30.
--Reading Book Exchange Game Tuesday at 10:00 am
--Maker's Space ALL day on Wednesday
--PJ day on Thursday.  Have a book to read.  Showing off our Explorations.
--Holiday Celebration too!  Prancer, popcorn, and chillax.  
--Make sure you have a book to read over the break.
--My math kids will get a set of fun papers to do over the break.  My readers may opt to take it for fun too.

Have a great break!  Do some fun outdoor winter stuff like ski or skate or snowmobile or.....Ticket Question:  blog a comment that is a paragraph with a topic sentence having to do with what you will do over the winter break and AT LEAST 3 supporting detail sentences and a wrap up sentence and you can have 20 tickets the next day!  [what, have I lost my mind?  20 tickets for 1 little paragraph!  SHOCKING!]