So who thinks this was a long week?  I need a nap.

Tomorrow we are going to "practice" Math IE behavior and I am going to list the possible games available for the day.  Next week there will only be 2 options for math games and you must pick one of those when your team lands on the "game" rotation.  Having too many options is making for too long deciding, not enough time playing the games.  So far all the groups are doing well on their "book" day, the "card" station has been hit or miss on success and of course, all groups seem to work just fine when they are working with ME!!

BHTQ:  Which of my sons came in today and what did he do while he was here?  For 2 tickets, blog a comment that answers that question AND tell me at least 2 specific things you know about him (besides his name) for example which # of kid is he, where does he go to school, how old is he, what does he want to be when he grows up, what is his girlfriends name or something like that.

Have a great evening everyone.  Mrs. Kovacs