Some kids in this room are having a hard time understanding what talking is.  I have been pointing it out.  Weird that you could get all the way to 4th grade and not know what talking sounds like.  Hmmm...Once we figure it out I would be happy to do some DEAR or silent reading time.  Right now we simply can not do it.

The troll books are coming along and look AMAZING!!  They give a whole new meaning to the unit name, "That's Amazing."  Way to go 4th graders.

Tomorrow I am going to spill the beans so to speak about what we are going to do for our Valentine's Day Party.  Blog a guess and I will give you an immediate trip to the prize bucket.  That reminds me, I should grab some more calendars for the prize bucket--thanks Preston's mom!!  They are going like hot cakes.

Have a great evening.   Mrs. Kovacs