Guess what my husband bought Vlad today.  He got him an I-pad 2.  He got one for Joe too.  I am getting his old I-pad 1 and he is getting the new i-pad 3 which they are just calling "the new i-pad".  Wow, now everyone in the family has one.  That's too much technology for me.

Please continue with the word game from yesterday the vowels are     i u e i a      and the consonents are    n f l n t l
Anna and Rachel had good clues yesterday.  Everyone who gives clues for a word gets 4 tickets per clue and everyone who figures out someone elses word based on clues gets 4 as well. 

How did you like hearing about middle school from the way cool kids who came to tell us about it?  It sounds wonderful, doesn't it.  The WEB thing sounds kind of like our families in the village.  Remember that you will be the youngest family member in the WEB.  How do you hope the 8th graders treat you?  How do you imagine they will treat you?  Now reflect for a moment--is that how you treat the 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders in your family in the village?  I hope so.  If not, please be sure nand make a change.  You have a chance to do just that tomorrow when we have family time in The Village

Artist trading fair tomorrow.  Do you have any new cards to trade?  What could we do about that?  See ya in the morning.