So here is the new chocolate challenge.  In order to get chocolate tomorrow, you need to write a story problem that has a fraction question or a decimal question or a percent question.  You need to blog it.  Good luck.

I have to go to the club now and jog my 2 miles.  I went last night too.  I actually am on trip #15 for the month.  Not bad.

Remember to come to school ready to read and comprehend!  You can do it.  It is our last round of testing and I just know we will rock it out!  We need to get 3/4 of you to meet your goal or we can not get earn the extra 1/2 hour outside.  I think we will take that on Friday.  Maybe even tomorrow if we can earn it.  We originally had more than 3/4 of you make your math goal but we are right now sitting just under that.  Hmmm...that is kind of sad.  Anyway, there are still some more kids who need to take it and they could maybe turn it around for us.  Then we could earn 2 days of an extra 1/2 hour outside.  I hope it happens!!  Maybe we could walk to the ball field for a kick ball game!   Come ready to concentrate everyone.

Ok, enough about testing.  I love you no matter what the test results.  It just would be kind of fun to really shine and spend some time in the sun--soaking up the vitamin D, right Preston.  Do well on your test for the sake of your health!!

Great news!  Jim just got a full time job in Des Moines, IA.  He needs to work there as he and Courtney will be moving there once they get married on July 2, 2011.  They picked out an apartment too and now Jim is coming back home and Courtney is going to her house to wait for the big day.   

If you are reading this Wed. night, GO TO BED!!