Here we are, another Sunday afternoon with a big Vikings win under our belt.  For 2 extra credit tickets, what big event is going on this week in White Bear Lake that includes a coronation, a parade, a football game and a dance?  For 1 more ticket, what are we going to do in our classroom to get in the spirit of that event.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and a chance to check out the cute picture pages my husband posted under the student tab.  Sorry to Katalin who was absent when all the pictures were taken.  I'll snap a few of you this week and we'll get you on there.

Remember that we have a field trip on Tuesday.  Kennedy, tell your parents we'd love one of them to go along with us. We also have Alec's mom going and Katalin's mom.

See you tomorrow.  Get a good's night sleep.

Mrs. K