So, I am a bit heartbroken by the whole "nasty words on the flyer" incident.  It has tainted my view of my awesome class.  So sad.  I really wish the person who wrote them would step up and own it and write me a note saying "Sorry, it was me etc."  Hmm...I don't want to have it looked at by Ms Dahlem but I guess I might have to.  So sad.  I just love you guys and think you are wonderful and then it catches me by surprise when something like this happens.  If it was you, the best thing you could do now is take responsibility for your actions and apologize.  I will NOT announce it was you to any one else and we can handle it all just the two of us. 

On a more positive note, how sweet was Brianna to bring flowers to Clara who lost her grandmother this week.  I was telling another teacher here about it and she said, "Oh my, what a nice class you have!"  I agreed because I really do.  Again, that's why I'm so heartbroken!

Fianlly, congratulations to Merrina who won the DARE essay contest for our room and will be reading her DARE essay at DARE gradutaion next week.  Congrats to Jack for getting runner up and to all 5 of the finalists who wrote Amazing essays.  I am sure officer Chris had a hard time choosing.  I'm glad it wasn't up to me.  I love ALL of you and could never have decided.  I would have had to read them without names on them so I wouldn't have to know who I was choosing or not choosing. 

Enjoy your extra day off.  Think of your poor teacher up at school pouring over your grades and report cards.  Mrs. K