Tomorrow is Halloween so I am sure you will be out having fun.  Just remember to be safe.  Safety first!  We had a fun party at school complete with Scooby Doo movies, our very own Scooby Doo mascot (looked great, Robbie) and LOTS of yummy witches brew.  We had so much food that I was able to give you all a bag of it to take home.  It was good!

On Monday we are starting our exploration "Where in the World".  Brainstorm over the weekend with mom and dad about what you think that means, what possible topics you think you'd like to research and explore, and be ready to discuss it on Monday.  Our ticket question for the weekend, worth 6 whole tickets is: What do you think of when you hear "Where in the World"?  Blog a comment that answers that question and the tickets are yours.  Go a step further and tell us what your thinking you'll explore under the topic of where in the world and you can have 2 more.  Get those ideas flowing!!

See you all Monday.