I forgot to get the peeks to you.  It is on this site though so no excuses.  Make sure someone does the mail on Monday and then that you take your mail home.  Lots going on right now so we all have to be mindful of what needs to be done.

First I was at an all day committee meeting for the Gifted and Talented Program, then I was at my uncle's funeral, then I had engineering curriculum training and a half day planning with the other 5th grade teachers (we planned DARE) and now on Monday I have to go to a building life skills meeting at Hugo all day.  I became a teacher to be in the classroom with kids and the last few weeks it has been hard to do that.  I was at school until 6:30 writing sub plans and making copies for the sub.  You are going to have fun on Monday.  There are some fun activities I planned -- wish I could be there to do them with you !  Anyway, you'll like them.

Don't forget that Tuesday is Valentine's Day AND the day the student council kids and the special guest readers are heading over to Hugo to read with the youngsters there.  That will be a big day.  I think we will sewing and making our snowman books, too.  Alexis' is perfect.  She and PJ and I will be the experts so if you need help, ask one of us.

Who's bringing hockey nets and knee hockey sticks on Tuesday?  It's game time!!  Have a great weekend.  Oh, and a special thanks to Mr. Doebler who took you early for phy ed so you could have a little time to play floor hockey.  He rocks!