Which one describes you in the classroom?  Mid term reports are going home next week and anyone who is missing work or not doing very well on things will be getting a report home.  I hope it's not YOU!!  Be sure you are hard at work when you are in this room and then you should have no worries.

I can't believe the Twins just made the playoffs late last night and already have to play the Yankees today!  They are hard at work!

2 tickets to anyone who comments on the blog about what you did in phy. ed. today.  You have media tomorrow so bring in those books. 

Finally, our student council representatives came back all excited to report to us on Project Phillipines.  They will be collecting donations for people who have been affected by the Typhoon. (Let me know if I spelled that right or not.)  You can send non-perishable food items, bars of soap, flip flops, towels, and other things.  I will get a better list for on the PEEK. 

Have a great night.  Get outside and soak in the sun!!  What a beautiful day.

Mrs. Kovacs