The parade is over and the big game is tonight.  Who do you think will win?  When Jimmy was a senior he was the quarterback and his team beat Cretin Derham Hall on homecoming night.  It was really exciting.

Tomorrow night is the big dance.  Vlad is going with some friends.  He wants to see what it is all about.  He bought his own ticket and everything.  How cute is that?  I can't wait to hear what he has to say about it when it is over.  I bet he will have a great time.  He is not bringing a date so...I guess he'll dance with all the single girls.  Sounds fun.

Remember to chose your science experiment project this weeken and come up with what your scientific question is.  Think about the pendulum experiments we have been doing.  One question we've answered is "Does the mass of the items hanging from the pendulum effect the number of swings the pendulum will make in 15 seconds?"  See how that is something you can test?  Change the variable (weight) and test it again.  Add more weight, take weight off.  That is what we are looking for--a question that you can test with an experiment.  Your green science sheet is due on Monday.

Have a great weekend everyone!!