This weekend's ticket question:  What are you hoping to do in Art with Lisa next week.  Do you hope to paint, draw, sketch, glue, cut, color, what?  If you tell us what and why you can have 4 tickets.  You can have 2 tickets to every response you give to someone else's comment up to a cap of 10 tickets.

According to the weather channel, it is going to be beautiful on Saturday.  Get outside and enjoy the lovely weather.  Then I think it just might rain on Sunday.  Boo hoo.  That is my birthday but I guess a nap on the couch while it's raining sounds kind of nice.  Oh man, I must be super old!!

Come ready to hunker down and get to work on Monday.  We have things to accomplish next week.  5 more school days until spring break--we can do this!!