Check the student tab for pictures of science day, the science fair, and our Thanksgiving Taste Fest.  Wow!  We really crammed a lot into a short 3 day week.

Yes, you got some math homework for the long weekend.  And it's too much to do all in one sitting.  Do a page a day and you should have no trouble getting 'er done.  Some of it's fun (toss coins with Uncle Bob), some of it's remembering, and some of it is test prep for the MCA test.  You can't start thinking about that too soon, ha ha.

Enjoy your turkey, make some memories, write about them, share your gratitudes, spend time with family and friends.  For every comment you blog you will get 2 tickets.  If you blog 10 times over the break you can go straight to the prize bucket on Monday morning.  FUN!!!