First, thanks to all who donated food to the Thanksgiving fest.  It was fun and a great way to show gratitude to each other for friendships and school classmateships.

Next, I will be gone from now until Dec. 5th.  I am doing a quick trip to Istanbul to meet my new grandchild and play with the other 2.  I left a 10 page book of plans so....I think it should be smooth.  I hope they miss me!

Here is a Thanksgiving break challenge:
   1.  Interview a grandparent or older member of your family and find out where in the world you are from.  Blog a comment that tell us what your heritage is;
   2.  Be helpful.  What will you do?  Set the table?  Clear the table?  Make toast or jello?  Shovel some snow?  Blog a comment telling the rest of us WHAT you did to be helpful AND how being helpful made you feel;
   3.  Put a handful of your top gratitudes in a blog comment for everyone to see and read.  Reading what you are grateful for makes me smile and makes me feel grateful.
    4.  Find an interesting blog comment put on by a classmate and respond to it in a thoughtful way.  At least 2 sentences.
    5.  Get outside and play for a portion of every day.  Blog what you did outside, what day you did it, and tell whether it was fun or not.

Everyone who does AT LEAST 3 of these will get 20 tickets when I get back from Turkey.  Maybe not until Friday, we'll see if I get tickets before that.

***Our next Exploration is explained in the homework tab.  Check it out.*****

Finally, for some economics and reality, we will be implementing an income tax on tickets starting on Friday, Dec. 5.  More information about that to follow.  

Have a great break!