Thanks to Will and Izzy for already submitting "Turkey Adventure" photos.  I posted them on the student tab.  Since I was there, I posted pics from our taste fest and our school house dog day.  Check it out.  Find them, blog a comment about which pic is your favorite AND why and you can have 4 tickets on Monday.  

Am I almost out of tickets?  Andrew, are you bringing in a new role?  It was you who said you had one, right?  If not, that's fine too.  Just blog me so I can buy a new role.  I think we are almost out.

Eat lots, get outside and play it off, and enjoy your long weekend.  Don't forget to get your November reading log completed as well as a book project.  Last week was a whirl wind's only 12 school days until we head to Long Lake so if you think that was crammed full of stuff fasten your seat belts because it's crazy what we have to get done before we head out of town.    Mrs. Kovacs