IF we were at school today, we would have celebrated PI day by having pie.  We would have even been in school at 9:26.53 which is the coolest thing ever about this PI day as it would have been 3-14-15 @ 9:26.53 and PI to the 9th digit after the decimal point is 3.141592653--COOL!!

It might just be so cool that we have to celebrate it's coolness, even if it is on Monday the 16th which is definitely NOT PI day.

Enjoy your day.
Eat some PI.
I will put the new peek on sometime today so check back.  There are new spelling words.

Bring both your math and language arts Spring Into Action packets to school on Monday so prizes and tickets can be handed out.  Also, you are down to 45 hours to get done what you need to do before you walk in the door on Monday.  44 hours and 59 minutes now, and counting!!

*IMPORTANT:  make sure you have your Twins Ticket stuff with you on Monday as that is the day it is due.

See ya Monday.