That's right, another school year is under way.  This is the bright and shiny 2017-2018 school year.  AMAZING!!  It has been so great to finally meet the new kids I have been planning for all summer as well as see the veterans after missing them all summer long.  

Any ideas for things we could do as an outing with Mrs. Kovacs?  Any good movies coming out?  Any other fun ideas?  Think on it.  Blog a comment about it and you can have 10 tickets on Friday the 8th or Monday the 11th.  

Great week people.  Here is the week in a nutshell:

* learned how to Zentangle
*met a new mentor or mentee
*met a new team
*learned about and made some artist trading cards
*made posters about "weeds" and Pests that need to be pulled and removed from our classroom
*worked on Krypto

It was a busy 3 days.  Come back next week for even more fun times.  Have a great weekend everybody!

Mrs. Kovacs