I can't believe it's 2016.  Oh man, I must really be getting old.  How old will I turn this year since I was born in 1960?  My husband is so happy because he will actually have a birthday this year!  How many birthdays will this be for my husband if he was born in 1960 just like me?  Remember, his birthday is February 29 so it's not the same answer as how many years has he been alive.  Be the first 5 to blog an answer to the above questions and you can have 10 tickets on Monday.

Did anyone happen to get tickets for the classroom?  I am going to get some this weekend as I think I'll be paying out a lot of tickets on Monday.  Tickets to everyone who completes their whole entire math packet!!

Final ticket question for the week is this:  Did you stay up until midnight to usher in the new year and what did you do for your New Year's Celebration.  This should be at least a 2 sentence answer and you can have 2 tickets for every sentence you write on the subject (with a cap of 10 tickets--5 sentences) on Monday.  Here's my answer:  I did stay up until after midnight to usher in the new year.  I heard fire works going off in the distance and was watching a TV show while I was waiting.  My husband and Vlad were up waiting too.  I have a history of staying up to welcome the new year and have done it since I was a kid.  My mom wasn't big on bed times, for sure not on New Year's Eve!

Work on your engineering project--from trash to treasure--and repurpose the garbage you got into something useful.
Work on and do your best to complete your math packet.
Mrs. STonehouse's kids:  work on your MAP of the schoolyard.  It's due on Friday, January 8.
PS:  DARE on Monday, 5th graders.

Happy New Year everybody!  Mrs. Kovacs