I need a vacation from my vacation.  First, there was the trip to Colorado through bad weather and driving through the night.  We had to go the long way around (through South Dakota) which made our 14 hour drive a 16 hour one.  We had to leave Jim and Courtney behind as they were snowed in in Des Moines. We arrived in Colorado Springs at 3 am and then had to get up at 7 am to help decorate for the wedding luncheon.  The wedding was at 10 am and then the lunch right after that.  We had a great time at a beautiful country club and then went to my sister's house for the evening and back to our hotel for the night.  The next morning we had a nice relaxing breakfast, took John and Pam to the airport and kept on going to head home.  (Who thinks it's fair that John and Pam got to fly while the rest of us had to drive?)  We left Jake and Vlad behind to ski at Copper Mountain the next day.

We had a really nice drive as my husband came up with a fun game to play through Nebraska.  It was Joe and my niece Emily and her mom my sister-in-law Sandra and my husband and I.  We each had a device with songs we like so we took turns picking a song and playing it through the car's stereo system.  It really made the miles fly by.  But then, around midnight, we hit the Iowa border and ran into trouble.  We saw more than 40 cars and semi's in the ditch, just left to sit since the storm two days prior.  It was eerie and creepy.  It looked like a car graveyard.  Then in Des Moines it got slippery and we had to slow way down so we got a hotel in Ames and slept the rest of the night.  So close to home and yet too far away to make it.  The next morning, we drove home safely.

Jake and Vlad and my brother Tom and his son Everett and my other nephew Scottie Marston all went skiing in Colorado and had a blast.  That night they headed home in a caravan with my sister's family.  Unfortunately, they had trouble.  In Kearney, Nebraska my sister's van hit a deer.  Scary!!  Jake was in that car at the time.  Luckily all 8 people in the van were fine but the van was totaled.  It was 1 am so they had to spend an unexpected night in a hotel and wait until the next afternoon get a rental mini van and continue on their way.  They didn't get to MN until midnight on Christmas Eve.

We then shifted gears and started finalizing plans for Joe's wedding.  We were hosting the groom's dinner at the North Campus Theater, where Joe and Emily were in a couple high school musicals together.  We had decorations to buy, tables and chairs to set up, food to make and order and more.  I had a one of the three flower girl dresses still to make and we had the programs to print and cut and stuff into the folders Sandra and Emily finished making.  I also still needed to buy my necklace and shoes for the wedding.  And, we had a movie to make to show at the wedding reception.  I will show it to you at school next week.  Wow, I get tired all over just thinking about it all.

Oh ya, and Christmas was in there too.  On Christmas Eve we went to the 11 pm church service which was beautiful.  I saw Jake's mom and sister Brooke.  Jake, where were you?  Christmas day we worked on the video and opened a couple presents and went to my brother's house--the Marston's--for a family Christmas.  All the gifts I had for the kids and people were purchased from the Feed My Starving Children store.  Also, all the adults donated $80-100 bucks to the WBL mobile pack of FMSC so I gave them all a cross from there.  Kind of like the one you gave me from Haiti, Rebekha. 

Joe and Emily's groom's dinner was beautiful and their wedding was magical.  You can look at the student tab to see the pictures I posted there.  Emily was really beautiful and be sure and check out the flower girl dresses I made for all 3 of the little flower girls.  Now Joe and Emily are in a tropical location for their honeymoon leaving the rest of us to suffer in the 9 below weather today.  Brrr....

Enjoy your last day.  Tomorrow we hit the ground running.  Miss you all and I can't WAIT to hear all about your vacations.  If you blog about it I will reward you!!