Hope everyone is having a great vacation.  Technically, today is our last day of vacation as we just have the weekend left.  I am not rested and ready to return to school.  I do miss you all but still...

I have some BHTQ things in the my last big post so go there to find it.  So far only Antonia has earned the tickets.  As a hint, I will just say that the Tonic Sol Fa concert I went to was AMAZING!  I have a new favortie song!

Tonight I am going to my brother's new house.  It has a gymnasium in it and a pool table and hot tub and sauna and...the list really does go on and on.  He is an orthopedic surgeon which must pay quite well.  I guess it pays better than being a 4th grade teacher.  Weird!  Who knew!!  I still think being a 4th grade teacher is more fun and it's not all about the money, right!

Stay up until midnight and ring in the new year, play with your cousins and friends and have fun, sleep in late tomorrow and enjoy your last 2 days off.  I will see you all Monday when we will start the read aloud book called "Lessons of the Game".

Mrs. Kovacs