What are you doing on your day off?  Did you tell your family all about MLK and his civil rights movement and how it was to be peaceful?  Tell them today.  Why are you celebrating MLK day today?  How are you celebrating?  Today's ticket question is to 1. tell something interesting that you discovered about MLK and his life or speech or peaceful civil rights movement; and 2. Write about your feelings and thoughts on how far we've come or the lack of growth we've shown in civil rights from 1963 to today.  This is your opinion so there is not a right or wrong answer.  If you do #1 you get 2 tickets.  If you do #2 you get 4.  If you do them both AND respond thoughtfully and respectfully to someone else's #2 response, you can have 10 tickets tomorrow.

Tuesday is a day 2.  No DARE or Orchestra this week. We will get some great Explorations time.