So we've kicked off the party season for Mr. Kovacs.  His actual birthday is Monday, February 29.  Yep, he has an actual birthday this year so that warrants a week long celebration. So tonight we went out to dinner with our son Joe and then we gave my husband his BIG gift which is a ....drone!!  Do any of you have drones?  Once he is good at flying it, maybe he will come show us how cool it is.  We could get a birds eye view of the school from the drone and it's camera.  That would be fun.

Do any of you have a drone?

Now I need to find a present for him for tomorrow.  Since this is his 14th birthday coming up, how old will he be?  Blog a comment telling how old he will be, telling how you would like to only have a birthday once every four years, or telling why in the world February has an odd day every four years and you can have 6 tickets.