I had a meeting at the district center after school and then it was rush home to wrap the gifts, set the table, and put the finishing touches on the birthday dinner.  Mr. Kovacs got a remote control helicopter, a play mobile snowmobile (as a joke because he really wants a snowmobile) and a cool shirt/sweater/sweatshirt type thing.  I also got him some mighty beans just cause I thought they were kinda cool looking.  If you know what to do with them, blog a comment with some suggestions (Vlad and Jake aren't 100% sure) and you can have 2 tickets for every idea.

Enjoy your night.  We missed you Preston and Steven.  Hope you are both back and ok by tomorrow.  Remember, in order to have pajama day on read-a-thon day we need to work hard tomorrow and earn it!  How about a letter for every 10 mn of quiet work time?  Does that seem fair?  Hmm...we'll talk tomorrow and I'll set it up during morning work time.