I DARE you to come to school!!

Today was a little rough with some team work skills needing to be relooked at.  A couple of our teams are struggling to get along and work together.  Remember to collaborate, cooperate, and SHARE!!  Honor the other's ideas and be respectful of each other.  WE CAN DO IT!!  Really, I love ALL of you and just want you to be nice to each other and get along!!

Remember that you have a reading calendar due next Friday as well as a book project.  You should work on them this weekend so you don't have to be in a panic at the end of the week.  We will talk about how to do a good book talk in case you forget to do a book project on your own time.

Here's a couple wuzzles for you:

1.      no  no

 2.    ci  ii

Today to get tickets for solving them you have to respond to some one elses guess on them.  Good luck.  Have a fun weekend.