My reading group has begun reading scary, creepy, mysterious stories.  We listen to Halloween music and read in the dark.  We are focusing on SETTING and we are very busy "setting" the mood for our reading.  Also, I scream randomly which is super scary!!  

Our new read aloud book is called "Nightmares" and is set in a creepy purple mansion.  This also sometimes makes me scream.  Hmmm...weird.  "My Teacher:  The Weird Random Screamer" might just be a great title for your next personal narrative.  Write a blog comment that explains how you feel about your teacher being a weird random screamer and you can have 10 tickets the next day.  This offer is good through Halloween.

We will have a Halloween Party, a costume parade, and a trip to Cody's Halloween Yard Display ALL on Halloween.  Seems like we will be a bit busy!!  Prior to that we will write Halloweeen poems, draw Halloween Creatures and prepare for a Spooktacular Halloween day.