Don't forget to bring:
    1. a costume if you want to
2.  a flashlight for in the dark reading of scary books
3.  a treat to put into our witches brew--nothing with peanuts--think cheerios, pretzels, pop corn, m n ms, skittles, and
stuff like that
4.  a drink for just you
5.  things to get cozy and read in and under

Please remember that you should NOT wear your costume to school as we won't put them on until 2.  However, you should wear clothes that you can simply slide our costume over.  Wear the sweatpants and t-shirt part of the costume etc.  Just keep in mind the bathrooms won't fit everybody for changing purposes so...plan ahead.  Plus, you will probably go outside for recess so...

I am excited to spend the day reading scary stories, creating and writing about interesting monster creatures, and watching and being in a giant parade of over 500 kids and teachers and staff.  GOOD TIMES!!