Our Native American unit is well underway and we have made a name for ourselves and our tribes.  We are looking for winter habitats and building shelters there.  Later in the week we will pick a nation or tribe or Native American Hero to study.  The assignment will be to do a one page paper on that person or tribe, a fast fact sheet about that person or tribe, and build an artifact that that person or tribe may have had or used.  

Blog a comment using your Native American name and you can have 4 tickets anytime this week.

In reading both groups are working on puppet shows.  My reading group is going to make sock puppets while the other group is working on marionettes.  Both groups are writing scripts.  Both groups will be performing at some point for others.

Deep Portage is just a week and a couple days away.  5th graders--are you ready?  Are your forms in?  The pink health one is a must!!

Let's have a great week.  Here's to hoping we only have outside recess days this week.

Mrs. Kovacs