We had a great day of learning.  I met with a few kids about behavior in the room.  I will meet with more tomorrow and finish up on Friday.  Everyone will get a chance to hear what I think and tell me what they think.

The computer lab went much better today.  We had the eleven 5th graders who didn't go to Long Lake helping out so they answered many of our questions and things went pretty smoothly.  Mrs. Severson was a great help too.  Kids are thinking of such great ideas and fun ways to display the information they are finding--I'm so excited to see the finished products.  Way to go everyone.

Everyone seemed pretty happy about their new lit cirlce books.  The lit circle groups did a nice job meeting.  Thanks to Jim for coming and meeting with the Over the Top of the Mountain group and the Good Neighbors  group.  He's coming back tomorrow to help with math, I think.  Then, I may have recruited a college girl to come meet with a couple of the groups tomorrow.  She may read a story, too.  Next week Joe will be back in town so he will come help out too.  Why is everything so much more fun when the college kids are around?

There is no BHTQ since there has been an issue with missing tickets.  If you have a suggestion on how to resolve the problem of the missing tickets, I would be happy to hear your idea.  I have an idea of how we could compromise BUT everyone would have to contribute to the solution so I'm not sure it will work.  What is your idea?  Blog a comment to let me know.

Have a great evening.  The day goes so much better when the young ones go outside to play at recess.

Mrs. Kovacs