Wow!  You all did a great job on your Native American Studies project.  I was very impressed with your artifacts and your online presentations and your museum exhibits in general.  Way to go!!  

Did you see that I built my own habitat in my own back yard woods yesterday?  My son, John, and I built it.  We tried to make his son, Jack, go in but he cried and cried.  I couldn't believe it.  It was so cool and he wouldn't even go in.  Grr...I put a picture of my habitat on the student tab.  Check it out.  How do you think I did?  Comment on my habitat and you can have 6 tickets on Monday morning.

Everyone got a bit of math to keep their brains working over the MEA break.  I assume you'll want to be reading too.  I am going to read a bit and nap a bit and go to some movies.

Come in ready to roll on Monday.  We are starting new units in math for many of you.  Any ideas what they are about?  Your homework may or may not have been a clue.  Block your best guess for what is next in math and you can have 2 tickets on Monday.