Congrats to Josh Dotte who won the cupcake in the last minute ticket drawing.  Hope your lips aren't too blue. I wonder how many calories are in a blue cupcake?  Blog me the answer!

Today's BHTQ has to do with the activity or excercise half of the scale.  For 2 tickets, blog a comment that tells what your favorite way to get exercise or burn up calories is.  For 2 extra tickets, figure out how many calories you think you burn doing this exercise and blog that too.  Here's the only catch--if someone already says "My favorite way to burn calories is to swim laps at Lifetime Fitness and I believe I burn 400 calories in 30 mn of swimming" then NO ONE else can choose swimming laps for 400 calories.  Think of your own.  Also, you may have to get creative and put a couple ideas together for the burning calories.  You may have to say that you couldn't find calories burned for your specific activity so you estimated based on what it would be for something similiar. 

Austin, I know you want a quick immediate trip to the prize bucket but...I am...not going to ... well, hmmm...oh I can't think of a good one.  Maybe tomorrow.

Have a great night.  Mrs. K