With all this heavy stuff going on and losing our school connections and worrying about things I thought it would be a great time to revisit ALL the things we are grateful for.  

A house or home to hang out in
Food to eat
Family to hang out with
Friends we can blog with, call, and email
Sunshine today
The great outdoors and the ability to still walk, hike, bike
Dad jokes--blog one and get a laugh or two from your classmates.  Check out the blog.  I'll post one.
A school district that is coming up with a plan to reach out to kids and help us stay connected
Melty cheese
Ice cream
Bacon--I mean the food list alone could go on for days!
Board games
Card games

Add 5 things you are thankful for to the blog along with a dad joke.  Can I give you tickets for it?  Maybe not.  Just do it for fun!

Also, my promise to you is that at some point--maybe later rather than sooner--we WILL get together to see each other again.  Kick ball game?  Pizza party?  Who knows.  But it will happen I'm sure.

Miss you.  Focus on your gratitudes this weekend.  "Worrying won't stop the bad stuff from happening, it just stops us from enjoying the good."  Charlie Brown

Mrs. Kovacs