Today we got to go to city hall and hear from the mayor of White Bear Lake, Jo Emmerson, as well as city engineers, financial planners, environmentalists, police officers and fire fighters.  WOW!!  Our city is cool and has great people working in it.  I just love being part of White Bear Lake.  Blog a comment about something you learned today and you can have 4 tickets through the end of the week (Nov. 3).

Blog a comment about something you are still wondering about city government and you can have 4 tickets tomorrow.

Here's a poll or survey question worth tickets:  So far we have studied the geography of WBL (made maps), the Economics of WBL (visited businesses) and the Government of WBL.  Which one of those 3 topics was more interesting to you and why? Blog a comment about it and earn 10 tickets!!

Finally, we have another topic about WBL that we are starting next Tuesday.  Any ideas about what that might be?  Blog your guess and earn 2 tickets.