It's time for the Book Fair!  Fun times.

I can't believe so many people knew that it was The Steve Miller Band that sang about time slipping into the future.  Rock on!  And thanks to the dad who reported this is a song from the 70's not the 80's.  Honestly, it's all a blur--it was 30+ years ago!  Wow, I must be a lot older than I feel (and look I'm sure you're thinking).

Gotta go. Oh, 5 tickets to anyone who comments on the blog tonight about how Tanya felt at the end of the Tanya's Reunion story.  You need to write at least 3 sentences and you need to support your answers with an explanation--a proof sentence.  You can read what someone else wrote and include your agreement with it or your disagreement with it.

Tomorrow is Thursday already--time does keep on slipping...           Mrs. Kovacs