I am getting a glimpse into how much I am going to miss you next year and it is not good.  Just knowing that I had to stay home sick today and knowing that you were going to be at school all together without me made me feel lonely.  But you could probably tell I was getting sick.  I maybe shouldn't have even been there yesterday breathing on you.  Maddie's mom told me about some medicine that made me feel a bit better but last night even that wasn't working very well.  I need to stay home and curl up in my big red comfy chair and rest.  If only I could breathe! 

Anyway, hope you have a good day.  I left some fun things for you to do.  The math is a bit tricky but there will be some student teaching going on in the morning, then math (the passing of time), then reading James Forten and doing work on his pages and writing your snowman books and finally another opportunity to debate.  Hope it goes well.  Mrs. Vedoy told me she was going to ask you to simply do what you know you are supposed to do and all will go well.  She is so right.  You do know what you should do and if you would just do it, no worries. 

Here is a word puzzle for you--blog a clue about a word you make with these letters and get 2 tickets.  Reply to someone elses clue and get 2 more.  Here are the letters:   vowels--  i  u  e  i  a      consonents-- n  f   l   n   t   l          Enjoy!