I was exactly as exhausted as I thought I was.  We didn't get home from Jake's hockey game in Deleno until 11:30 last night and I went to bed and I just got up RIGHT NOW!!  It's 10:00 13!!  I haven't slep that long in over...ok, a week cause that's what we did all vacation.  Just think, if we were in school we'd be heading to math IE now and then specialist. 

I want to thank Antonia Green for laughing at all my little comments that seem funny to her.  She must get my sense of humor and when she sits in the front like she is not then I can hear her chuckle which is funny to me so Yes!!  Someone finally gets me!!  Thanks for that Antonia and just know that if I make you sit in the front of the room the rest of the year it's because I love it when people laugh at my jokes.  Well who doesn't, right?

So we need a BHTQ.  There were a couple ideas thrown around at the end of the day yesterday.  What were they?  That's the BHTQ~blog a comment that tells what one of the BHTQ ideas was and the anwer to it and you can have 2 tickets.  If you have an idea for another BHTQ then blog that as well and you can have 2 more tickets.  Anyone who answers your ticket question can have 2 tickets AND you can have 1 ticket everytime someone answers your question.  Are you following me or does it seem like I should go back to bed and get a little more rest?

Have a great weekend.  Sometime today or tomorrow I just may put an immediate trip to the prize bucket on here so check back.  It will be hidden under a different tab, for sure.                   I'll look for you at the rinks today    Mrs. Kovacs