I thought we had a good day in the classroom today.  Good times, good times.  You were all very nice about listening to our read aloud story.  Hey, who is the author again?  That is today's BHTQ:  blog a comment about who the author of our new book and my best present ever is AND write a brief one or two sentence summary of what the book is about so far.

Tomorrow we will work on our mummies and do a bit of work with our new reading unit--"That's Amazing!"  We will work on the vocabulary.  Starting on Wednesday we are going to move social studies and science to first thing in the morning, leave math where it is and move reading and writing to the afternoon.  I need reading and writing to be together.  We'll see how it goes.  It's a new year, why not a new schedule?

Have a good evening and try to get your required 10 hours of sleep.    Mrs. Kovacs