We are going to the dogs in room 2505.  Blog a comment that tells why I am saying that and I will give you 2 tickets.  What is our theme for reading--what are we looking for in our dog story?  Blog the RIGHT answer to that and you can have an immediate trip to the prize bucket.

So, how do you like your new lit circle book?  I know the group I was listening to already has the first two vocab words done.  How far are you?  Did you and your group look through the packet to see what you need to be doing? 

The reason I like to read dog stories is that you all have such a fun time connecting the books to the dogs that are already in your life.  Most of us have great dog stories and can relate to the stories in the books.  Hope you enjoy your dog lit circle book.  Remember, it can count as an independent reading book if you want.  Do you remember what you need to do to make that happen? 
                                                                                                      Have a great night, Mrs. Kovacs