Tomorrow is round one of the high school hockey tournament.  John and Jim each got to play in the state tournament as high school juniors.  It was very exciting.  Both of them lost their first game, John to Roseville (Roseville won the tournament that year) and Jim to Duluth East.  However, both of their teams went on to WIN the next 2 games and become consolation champions.  In fact, White Bear Lake has yet to win their first game at the state tournament.  Maybe this can be the team to break the curse.

To earn an immediate trip to the prize bucket, blog a comment about the state high school hockey tournament.  Tell me something you THINK about it.  For example, where it is played, how many teams are in it, who you predict will win, what a team has to do to get there and so forth.

Today's BHTQ has to do with hockey as well.  What are some of the ways players in a hockey game can end up in the penalty box.  2 tickets.  If you know what happens to the whole team when one player is in the box and you blog a comment about that then 2 more tickets for you.

Go Bears!!