Check out each other's glog pages.  They are way cool.  Jaide actually interviews the state of Pennsylvania--what a cute idea.  Love it!!  Bailey points to the flag about his head--so cute.  Love it.  I saw lots of cute videos--brady, isaiah, dylan, and more.  Really good stuff people.  Keep it up.  Now you need to google images some pictures to add and a text box and title that announces your state and you'll be all set.  You have Monday and maybe Tuesday (I can't remember) to wrap these up and the we will show them off on Thursday.

Remember that Monday we will be walking for an hour and a half for the Jeanne Garmen Cancer Walk.  Bring 5 bucs or more and get ready to walk!!  Water will be provided.

Have a great weekend.  Don't be afraid to add a video to your glog page.  Hey Joe, if you want to start a State project you can choose between Oregon and Nevada or Missouri or Virginia and hit the ground running.  Write about the state capital, the landforms, interesting facts, size of the state, population, natural resources, jobs, tourist things, etc.  You will see the cool lap tops on Monday.  FUN!!  Oh, I just realized you might want to do Florida since you were just there.  Someone else is doing Florida but if you have cool pictures and want to do it too, go for it.  Florida is definitely worth 2 people doing it.

Great weekend everybody!              Mrs. Kovacs