So, it's getting a little crazy in room 2505.  Some kids need to take it down a notch and revisit what good behaviors look like.

In other news, our reindeer research is coming along and tomorrow we will finish our power points.  Some kids have some really good ideas and their slides are going to be really fun to look at.  Did you know

Tomorrow we will have a spelling test, a review for our math test, reading lit circle group meetings, present making and another science movie.  Good times.

To update everyone on our ticket situation the step we took today was to clean out Preston's desk and make sure the tickets weren't in there.  Tomorrow maybe we'll look in the blue box of collected tickets and see if Preston maybe plunked them all in there and forgot he did that.  He will need to decide if he can move on or not.  We will meet about it tomorrow.

So far we have NOT started our winter village yet but...maybe tomorrow is the day.  Hmmm...we'll see.  I hate to not do it when most of the kids would do a really good job.  I don't want to have a few spoil it for the whole gang.  We'll see.