Tomorrow we are going to introduce our turkeys to our first grade buddies, get together with our 5th grade mentors, finish watching Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving, watch Turkey Run (it's better known as Chicken Run and is HILARIOUS) and write about what our turkeys might be doing in the off season.  Best of all, I have a little, well ok a BIG surprise for you.  I can't tell you but if you blog a comment about what you think the surprise might be I will let you have an immediate trip to the prize bucket.

Today we shared a page from our life journal and got some great ideas on how we want our's to look.  They are amazing and I think everyone got inspired to work hard on theirs. We wrote about what we are thankful for and some of the writings are really wonderful.  Feel free to take it home and share it with your family over the holiday.  Just make sure it comes back to school as we will be writing in it more-lots more.

I can't believe it is almost December.  Wow, time flies.  Still, I think our classroom is now in a rhythm and that sure feels good.  I just love you kids and am excited for our fun day tomorrow.  Hmmm...maybe we should try to clean our desks.  Hmmm...that doesn't sound too fun.

See you tomorrow.   Mrs. Kovacs