Istanbul is a HUGE city!  Did you discover that when you were researching Turkey?

Here are a couple fun things I learned about Istanbul:  the city is 3000 years old.  Can you even believe that?  Also, the city is on 2 different continents.  What?  How is that even possible?  Are there any other cities that span 2 continents?  Any other countries that are on two continents?  

I am still loving cikolate bread every morning and spending time playing with, reading to, watching movies with, and walking to the park with my grandchildren.  

Check the student tab for a few more pictures.  Hope you are enjoying your days off.  Have fun at the cabin, Bjorn!  Are you still on crutches?  I have to go to the doctor when I get back and I am hoping I do not end up on crutches.  Grrr...

See you Monday.