What a wonderful class you are.  I love you.

With that said, I am willing to allow you a half an hour for a celebration of our love for each other, otherwise known as a Valentine's Day Party.  If you want to earn more time for a longer party, you can.  Your behavior yesterday for the sub earned you 10 minutes and I had so much fun today that I'm willing to throw in another 5.  That means you currently have 45 mn available for a party.  How can you earn more, you ask?  A couple ways.  Tomorrow you can earn 15 for an exemplary report from the sub.  That means everyone rocks it out.  However, if the sub report is only so so, you can have 5 more minutes.  If it's bad, I'll be taking minutes away.  Hmmm...hope you all bring your A game tomorrow.

Another way to earn minutes is to blog.  For every different kid that blogs each day, 1 minute can be earned.  Wow, you could earn 27 minutes that way!

See you all Friday.  Have a great day tomorrow.        Mrs. Kovacs