What did you do in cafe time on Friday.  We were talking about having you do some family work.  For example, we talked about having you create a menu for cafe time--did you do that?  We talked about you teaching 4th graders about artist trading cards--did you do that?

I have 2 books I would like us to read and discuss as families during cafe time this week.  The first is Mrs. Spitzer's Garden.  I think we should read it, discuss it with our family and then make a family flower with the family member's names on it.  The flowers could then go on the wall to create a Village garden.  What do you think?  Monday or Tuesday?  The second one Preston read and I'll tell you about it tomorrow.

I had a super busy weekend.  Vlad got confirmed and we had family over for lunch and an afternoon of fun.  Now I am tired.  See you all tomorrow.              Mrs. Kovacs