Did you get a load of that pumpkin at the front of the school!  Can you believe it said Oneka on it?  Wierd!  How much do you think that bad boy weighed?  I forgot to get a picture of it.  If any of you have one, could you e-mail it to me or bring a hard copy to school?

Jaide and I have made a list on the comment part of this blog that lists all the kids who we saw at fall festival.  Hey Jaide, how about James?  Maybe you didn't recognize him since he had all his blond hair covered up.  Anyway, if you were there but were not sighted by Jaide or I, please comment about it and let us know. It was a crazy, cool event full of so many people!!  Wow!!  My husband added pictures under the student tab of this site.  Katalin had a cool cat costume but I took that picture with a different camera which I left if the classroom so...I'll have John add that picture later.

My husband is still working on the Halloween candy survey.  It should be up by Sunday.  Be sure and vote for your favorite candy.  After Halloween we'll have to collect some data and create some tables of information regarding the loot you get at Halloween.  That seems like it will fit in well with one of our subjects.  2 tickets to those who blog what subject making tables of Halloween candy will fit into.

Thanks to Jaide for helping me put up all the art work our class made.  It did help make the school look freaky and festive for the fall social.

2 more tickets to everyone who can tell me what languange trick I used to make the title of this blog entry so coolio.

A final ticket for Krypto bringing the amount of tickets Jaide and Isaiah and anyone else who joins in the fun will get on Monday to 5.  By the way, Isaiah. it's good to have you back connected!                   Mrs. K